Convair FA-201A Kestrel

The F/A-201 is a Multi-Role aircraft, capable of both Air-to-Air action and Air-to-Ground Close Support. Like both the F-16 and F-18, it can carry a mix of both AA and AG weapons. It has a first generation LED based Multi Function Display. Multi Mode Radarand is capable of self-steering when a flight plan is loaded in the Tactical Computer.

    General Characteristics

    Crew: 1

    Length: 68 ft 4 in (20.83 m)

    Wingspan: 38 ft 1 in (11.61 m)

    Height: 21 ft 2 in (6.45 m)

    Wing area: 95 ft² (64.57m²)

    Empty weight: 19,350 lb (8,777 kg)

    Max takeoff weight: 31,500 lb (14,300 kg)

    Powerplant: 1× Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220 afterburning turbojet


    Maximum speed: Mach 2.1 (825 mph, 1,304 km/h) at 40,000 ft (12,190 m)

    Range: 1,350 mi (1,170 nmo, 2,175 km)

    Service ceiling: 53,400 ft (16,300 m)

    Rate of climb: 13,000 ft/min (66 m/s)


    1 x M61 Vulcan 20 mm Cannon with 500 rounds.


    1. Unguided Weapons:

    18 x Mk-82 500lbs General Purpose Bombs

    3 x Mk-83 1000lbs General Purpose Bombs

    3 x Mk-84 2000lbs General Purpose Bombs

    2 18 x Mk-20 Rockeye Cluster Bombs

    26 x LAU-10 Containers with 4 Zuni rockets each.

    2. Guided Weapons:

    2 x AGM-65 Maverick Anti-Tank Missile

    2 x AGM-84 Harpoon Anti-Shipping Missile

    2 x AGM-45 Srhikes Anti-Radar Missile

    2 x AGM-88 Harm Anti-radar Missile

    Air-to-Air missiles:

    4 × AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles or

    4 × AIM-7 Sparrow


    Fly-By-Wire System

    Tactical Computer

    1st Generation LED MFD