While the defending champion in the maddenvip

While the defending champion in the maddenvip

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This season so far only played 10 home games, the Madden Mobile Coins results of the game to reach 4 games, Manchester United last time there is such a bad performance or in the 1962/63 season. And in the history of the Premiership has never had a season lost four home games but also the final team to win the championship! This is the second time since Manchester United's second season in the 2001/02 season (6 games) losing home in a single season at four games (or more).

Tottenham for the MUT 18 Coins first time since March 1974 can be from Old Trafford with the league winning streak to get the joy of leaving, they have become Liverpool, Bolton and Manchester City after the history of the fourth in the history of the Premiership can beat The Red Devils team, and for Manchester United means that the Premiership played only 20 teams have lost six of them, and the last time in the same period lost 6 war can win the team is in 51

Years ago, the 1961-62 season Ipswich had done this, but need to be reminded that Ipswich was a single season, but need to play 42 games, fault-tolerant space is greater. Manchester United lost also means that since 1996, 8 times in the New Year played 6 wins and 2 unbeaten record of the ancient, and once coincidentally, Manchester United last time on the first day of the New Year lost is also thanks to Tottenham, Tottenham at home 4-1 victory over

Manchester United, while the defending champion in the maddenvip New Year home to lose the last one or 66 years ago, when the Liverpool team lost to the Charlton team 2-3. At the same time this is also on January 1, 1989 Liverpool team lost to Manchester United after the first top league championship in the first day of the New Year lost, before 11 war 7 wins and 4 level record was so destroyed by Moyes. Since Moyes led,
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